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ARC Praises Team for their Outstanding Performance

Arc Manufacturing

Arc Manufacturing Limited recognized its group of sales representatives for their outstanding performance in sales and customer relations, at an intimate luncheon recently.

Despite the fallouts from COVID-19, its Montego Bay office copped the title for Most Improved Division. Sales Executive Nickeisha Horne topped the charts by achieving the Highest Dollar Value Sales and Highest Gross Profit Sales.

“We have an all hands on deck approach, so each division is integrally involved in what we do. We hold ourselves to a high standard of service, therefore, from start to finish, we are there at every step of the way for our customers,” she asserted while reliving a day in the life of a sales representative.

In her guest presentation, Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid expressed, “it is commendable that even during a pandemic, you stayed true to your customers because your excellence is unconditional.”

Sales Executive Nickeisha Horne (left) flashed a radiant smile as she accepts her token from guest speaker Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid (right).

Chairman Norman Horne noted that the company maintains its competitive edge by providing a superb customer experience through constant innovation, its extensive line of products, and superior delivery service islandwide.

Arc is a manufacturer of common wire nails and the sole manufacturer of binding wire in Jamaica. Its primary location is 14 Bell Road, which houses the corporate offices, warehouses, distribution hub, and manufacturing plants.

The company also operates a sales office, warehouse, and distribution outlet in Ironshore, Montego Bay.

Published by Loop Jamaica.

ARC Manufacturing Recognizes 22 of its Machine Operators

ARC Recognizes 22 of its Machine Operators

Arc Manufacturing

ARC Manufacturing Limited recognized 22 of the company’s technical employees at its Bell Road office recently. These employees were certified as Machine Operators under the HEART TRUST NSTA’s Workforce Certification Programme, after completing over 126 hours of training and assessments.

Rian Forbes, one of the 22 certified employees, stated, “I am always open to opportunities where I can grow and influence my peers, so I am happy I got the chance to participate in the programme. As challenging as it was, it was worth it.”

The ISO 9001:2015 certified company believes its staff is one of its most important stakeholders and, therefore, is committed to consistently investing in their professional development. This will add value, not only to employees but also to the company.

During his address to the honourees, Acting Director Business Development and Workforce Solutions at the HEART TRUST NSTA, Marlon Johnson highlighted the significance of their certification, before encouraging the group to continue with their educational pursuits and upward mobility.

“The certificate you hold separates you from the average individual, so be proud of yourselves. You can go anywhere in the world to show that you are trained and certified as Machine Operators. Your certificate is yours for life because you put in the work, and no one can take that from you.”

Over the years, the building materials specialist has successfully partnered with the HEART TRUST NTSA to train its employees in various disciplines, such as customer service, forklift operating, and machine operating. The company plans to continue this important partnership into the future.

ARC Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials in Jamaica. They are the employer of choice for over two hundred and fifty (250) individuals, with the majority of its employees residing in the surrounding communities.

Horne Speaks to Students On the Importance of Passion in Business Pursuits

Arc Manufacturing

Executive chairman of ARC Manufacturing Ltd Norman Horne has impressed upon University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) students the importance of passion in business pursuits.

Horne was addressing the university’s Entrepreneurial Expo last Wednesday. The event, presented by students from the Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, was held under the theme ‘Creating Opportunities, Developing Economies’ and saw several booth set-ups from local micro-businesses in sectors spanning food preparation, health, and beauty to fashion and home décor.

Horne drove home the steps to successful entrepreneurship. “In Jamaica, ARC is a large enterprise, employing over 500 persons but we started very small two decades ago with passion alone as the beginning of our success,” stated Horne as he guided attendees through the technical and theoretical aspects of Jamaican entrepreneurship.

Through the duration of his just under 20-minute presentation, the ARC CEO detailed his initial humble upbringing to early life and the opportunity to study overseas, an opportunity, which eventually earned him, acclaim in the local business fraternity.

Engaging students with his steps to personal success Horne also relied on textbook theory as he explained key concepts to business sustainability, especially in the Jamaican market. The subject of much turmoil and spills developing economies like Jamaica often present entrepreneurs with a true test of will power and faith, Horne explained, “only the paranoid survive”.

“Where will initial investment come from? How will you cover ongoing expenses before generating a profit? These questions must be answered. How will you manage? You do so by following gut feelings, doing research, business intelligence, lobbying, personal experience and sometimes relying on the experience of others. What are the resources available? Who is your competition? We asked ourselves these questions regularly and we not only managed but we managed very well and remained almost clinically focused,” continued Horne.

The former senator emphasized the importance of sticking to the initial plan and details laid out after research, SWOT and other analyses. He also stressed the importance of integrity in business and maintaining an excellent reputation.

“Successful entrepreneurs use the plans they have created; consistently and patiently working hard to establish their businesses; always marry the practical lessons to the theoretical lessons. Your mind will lead you, your work ethic will push you forward and your sound character will cement your success,” Horne stated.

Published by The Jamaica Observer 

Community Members Team up to Give Haile Selassie High School A Facelift

Arc Manufacturing

It was a day of fun, fellowship and hard work as members of ARC Manufacturing Ltd joined forces with representatives from the Hunt’s Bay Police Station and the Police Youth Club to renovate and repair much-needed areas of the Haile Selassie High School.

The move which came amidst prolonged turmoil and violence in the community saw the Spanish Town Road citizens and school body giving their support to paint and repair the male and female bathrooms, do a complete overhaul of the Home Economics classroom and bathroom, as well as the Cosmetology department. The school is set to undergo further renovations, as it provides a haven for students from surrounding communities.

ARC Manufacturing Ltd strives to be a pillar of support for the community by taking on projects aimed at improving the lives of citizens in the area, especially children. The manufacturing giant hopes to continue this and future work that is aimed at fostering healthy relationships throughout the communities.

“We don’t want to just exist in our community, we want to be felt. ARC is known as the building materials specialist but we want to also be known to build relationships in communities across Jamaica”, states Executive Chairman, Norman Horne.

It is with this commitment to their community that ARC remains the employer of choice for more than 350 workers, with over half of its workforce originating from the surrounding area. ARC Manufacturing is Jamaica’s leading manufacturer of premium-quality building materials for over 22 years and serves both domestic and international markets.

Norman Horne Clears Air on ARC Systems

Arc Manufacturing

ARC Manufacturing is a separate, distinct and independent company from ARC Systems Limited. ARC Systems Limited was incorporated in 1996 as a trading company. ARC Systems was built on integrity, innovation, and investment in human capital.

Like so many other companies, ARC Systems was not immune to the financial collapse and crisis of 2007 to 2008. In fact, this was the case around the world. Steel prices plummeted from $110,000 per tonne to $40,000 per tonne almost overnight. The bottom of the building materials industry fell out. We need not look far to see the devastating impact this period of decline had on the companies and industries worldwide. Our own bauxite alumina companies came to a halt and today some plants have yet to be fully reopened.

In the United States, the steel industry was at the mercy of the government with executives clamoring for a massive stimulus to prevent the crippling of plants and layoff of employees. One executive called it “the worst economic slowdown of our lifetime.” He wasn’t exaggerating. Orders and construction were cut in half over a four-month period (1.02 million tons a week from 2.1 million tons) according to the American Iron and Steel Institute.

Banks and other financial institutions were crumbling with large companies such as Bear Stearns, AIG, and government-backed institutions such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae on the verge of imploding. The US Government had no choice but to step in with a $700 billion bailout out package to prevent the ruin of private enterprises and the entire financial sector.

During this period of economic crisis, Arc Systems Limited stopped trading. I, however, remained the majority shareholder of ARC Systems although I was not in charge of its day-to-day operations. The company, which has long had no further intention to trade, has no assets and acknowledges some liabilities.

This year, a creditor of ARC Systems made an application to the court to wind up the company. ARC Systems sought advice from its attorneys and business consultants in relation to the matter and opted not to contest, but rather to go voluntarily into the liquidation process. It was therefore advertised that the shareholders of ARC Systems had decided voluntarily to liquidate the company and that the decision was taken because ARC Systems had not traded for in excess of six (6) years. Subsequently, an order was made by the Supreme Court to appoint an interim receiver who shall be furnished with the audited statements of the Arc Systems from 2014 to 2018 and any other information as stipulated by the order which may facilitate the work of the receiver.

The global financial crisis was a turning point for me and many other businessmen and businesswomen all over the world. Having been confronted by the challenges that we faced over a decade ago, we refocused and re-strategized to meet the changed paradigm in which we now operate. While I have had to make some business concessions, myself and my resilient team did not yield, but through all adversity, we have recommitted to serving the progress of our country.

As Executive Chairman of ARC Manufacturing Ltd, I am resolute in helping to build a stronger Jamaica as we continue to be unrelenting in our commitment to our customers, our staff, our shareholders, financiers, and suppliers locally and internationally.


ARC Steps Into the Classroom

Arc Manufacturing

Executive Chairman at ARC Manufacturing, Norman Horne entered an unchartered territory recently when he presented to the Grade 1 students at the Dupont Primary & Infant School. Horne stepped into a classroom with children who aspire to be doctors and lawyers, to gift them a selection of reading books, to help them along their way.

Mr. Horne explained that the initiative came as a result of joining the global conversation around reading, which as we know is a powerful tool to further education and inspire our nation’s future leaders.

Horne championed the captivated audience of four and five-year-olds to ”use these books as your tools to become the policeman, the doctor, nurses, and lawyers you want to be when you grow up”. “We are here to guide you our future leaders along that journey, and it all starts here, with these books, that I am sure you will treasure.

This initiative is one of many taken by the manufacturing giant in its efforts to help improve the quality of education provided to students.

“Our children are at a stage where they soak up everything around them. So we are happy to have role models in our community who assist us with providing quality education for our students,” shared Principal Andrew Rowe as he thanked the ARC team for their contribution.

“We are grateful for the assistance of this nature, which we can use to make a significant and lasting impact,” Rowe posited.

ARC Manufacturing Ltd. is Jamaica’s leading manufacturer of premium-quality building materials for over 22 years and serves both domestic and international markets. ARC is the employer of choice for more than 350 workers, with 70% of its workforce originating from surrounding communities.

Women Stand Tall at ARC Manufacturing

Arc Manufacturing

From sweeping floors to operating the fabric mesh machine; from gaining work experience to becoming a Machine Operator; or packing products for retail customers to being team leader of the Roofing Plant. These are a number of the successes shared by females employed on the manufacturing plants at ARC Manufacturing Ltd.

Being one of the largest building material suppliers and distributors in the region, hiring female workers to operate in a male-dominated field, is no easy feat. However, ARC is not afraid to embrace the growing phenomenon of gender equality in the workplace.

Team effort and personal development are factors that contribute to some of these successes and Nicola Livermore, one of Team Leaders at the Roofing Plant, can attest to this.

“I have been at ARC for the past ten years, and it’s one of the best things I have done in my life”. She continued to explain that there is no task in her department that she is unable to perform, as they all “work as a team and help each other to grow.”

I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge being at ARC since working across departments; that is from the Cement Warehouse to the Retail Operations Department. Now I operate machines in the Roofing Plant, all because I work hard,” Livermore continued.

Livermore, who credits her success and growth to a lot of prayers, is also grateful for the company’s commitment to personal development through its workforce certification programmes, as she sets her eyes on working in the Sales Department.

“As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves in operating as a unit. Through the H.E.A.R.T Trust NTA, ARC provides certification opportunities to our machine operators, so that employees have an opportunity to develop themselves. We see no gender, only hard-working individuals working together to achieve one goal,” states Chairman Norman Horne.

Jobs in manufacturing tend to be ‘a man’s world’ however, ARC continues to push these boundaries with a workforce of over 20% of females and prides itself as being one of Jamaica’s most customer and market-oriented businesses.