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Design in Action Showcase

ARC Manufacturing Ltd spared no expense in feting customers and distinguished guests with a swanky affair on Friday, October 13. The company, which has been a Design Week collaborator since its inception, hosted the penultimate event of the Design Week Ja 2023 series in fine form, treating guests to an afternoon of decadent catering, cocktails and mellow vibes. 

It was the perfect end to a steamy week and a groovy start to the weekend. The event started with cocktails and conversation, inviting guests to network and relax before the start of the programme. CPJ provided a well-stocked bar, and DJ Chin Movements, an events production outfit, filled the spacious venue with all the right grooves.

The warehouse at 14 Bell Road, where the event took place, is relatively new and part of ARC Manufacturing’s move to modernise and expand its retail space.

Novlet Green, general manager of corporate affairs and governance at ARC Manufacturing, delivered the welcome ahead of blessings and prayer from Reverend Dr Stevenson Samuels. The company’s Executive Chairman Norman Horne was up next to deliver the main address.

In his speech, Horne told the story of how the company’s venture into the business-to-consumer retail space was at the behest of then Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, who was adamant that the company should not only be serving other businesses but her constituents as well. However, this is not the only way the company aims to serve its community.

According to Horne, “Employees are concerned about inflation. Prices are rising, and the major complaint is that salaries are not rising in tandem with prices. We adopted a philosophy here that we want to pay a fair wage for a fair day’s work, and so far, we have continued this practice, which has resulted in one of the highest blue-collar and white-collar employee salary packages in this industry.”

Horne, who has led the company for its 27 years of operation, went on to declare that ARC Manufacturing was fully invested in Jamaica. He also shared the company’s current expansion plan as well as his vision for the company and its role in the Jamaican manufacturing and distribution industry.

“Currently, we have the only treatment plant in Jamaica. For some time, we were the only nail manufacturer on the island. We have been the first in a lot of areas, so we are hoping to become the leaders in bringing other sectors to Jamaica, and we welcome other companies to join in,” he noted, adding that the competition would be good for the country, as well.

ARC Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of premium-quality building materials in Jamaica. The company has also begun to expand its offerings and hopes to continue on this trend.

“For us, Design Week is an opportunity to share with the public how a company like ours — that is in the manufacturing side of things — interfaces with design in Jamaica. Most people will hear design and think fashion, and so on, but, for us, it goes beyond that. We do offer some products in the interior design space, and we’re looking to expand our product offering in that space, as well,” Horne said.

Apart from extending its product offering, Horne also revealed plans to open the new retail space on 14 Bell Road to interior designers and related businesses for a shared commercial experience.

After Design Week’s own Novia McDonald-Whyte gave her address on design conversations, patrons engaged in some light fun and games, with two winners walking away with goodies courtesy of ARC Manufacturing.

Closing statements were given by Neville Alexander, deputy general manager of manufacturing and property maintenance, and then, ending on a very high note, the company signed out with the Silver Birds Steel Orchestra. The performance was so good that one ARC Manufacturing employee couldn’t help but deliver an impromptu and admittedly well-executed dance performance.

The event presented the perfect setting for the company to engage with customers and provide a platform for networking. The catering experience, care of Mastered Meals by Whitley, juiced the palate for conversation, with everything from a colourful fruit and cheese display, a vegan option in the form of a spring roll served with pineapple mint chutney, and a dessert station offering strawberry panna cotta and double chocolate fudge gateau. The pasta station and the BBQ chicken satay were crowd favourites.

For the patrons, however, it was all about supporting ARC Manufacturing. One such patron, Mark Tucker of Northcoast Hardware and Supercentre, had nothing but high praises.

“The event was very informative. Design Week is something we need. I’m always here because I’m a big supporter of ARC Manufacturing. They feel like family. The customer service is great, and the prices don’t hurt, either. We started in 2008, and we’ve been growing with ARC over the years,” Tucker shared.

With all the excitement witnessed so far and, equally important, the dialogue and debate, Design Week Ja 2023 can proudly claim another successful season.

Published by The Jamaica Observer.

Championing a Greener Future

By fostering the growth of these trees, the building-materials company aims to promote climate change mitigation, ensure food security, and create good stewards of the environment. Dwayne Elliott, security supervisor, was captured planting a June plum tree at the Olympic Way-based institution as part of National Labour Day activities.

Published by the Jamaica Gleaner. 

ARC Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of building materials in Jamaica has once again showcased its dedication to environmental sustainability, during its annual Labour Day activities at the Dupont Primary & Infant School. Under the theme “Plant a Tree for Life – Promoting Climate Change Mitigation, Food Security and Road Safety,” ARC’s employees planted a number of fruit and flowering trees to foster a greener future for the community.

This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to environmental causes and its ongoing efforts to combat climate change. By fostering the growth of these trees, the manufacturing giant aims to promote climate change mitigation, ensure food security, and create good stewards of the environment. 

Additionally, the team undertook a much-needed renovation project by repainting the auditorium, providing the students at Dupont Primary & Infant School with a revitalized space for learning and creativity. Recognizing the importance of a conducive learning environment, the Bell Road residents took this opportunity to invest in the school’s infrastructure and support the holistic development of its students.

Novlet Green, General Manager of Corporate Affairs & Governance, expressed her pride in the company’s participation in this significant community-driven initiative, saying, “We firmly believe in nation-building through active community engagement. Our commitment to environmental causes is deeply rooted in our core values, and we are delighted to contribute to the greening of our community through the Labour Day activities at Dupont Primary & Infant School. We are dedicated to being good stewards of the environment and fostering sustainable practices for the betterment of future generations.”

Principal Andrew Rowe of Dupont Primary & Infant School commended the company’s invaluable support and stated, “We are extremely grateful to ARC for their unwavering commitment to our school and community. The tree-planting project and the auditorium renovation will have a profound impact on our students’ learning experience.” 

“ARC’s efforts reflect their genuine concern for the environment and their dedication to investing in education. We look forward to nurturing the planted trees and utilizing the refreshed auditorium to provide our students with an enhanced educational environment,” he continued. 

Through these initiatives, the ISO-certified company continues to be a beacon of corporate responsibility and a driving force in fostering positive change within its local communities.

ARC is a premier manufacturer of building materials known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With a diverse range of products and a focus on customer satisfaction, ARC continues to be a leader in its industry. The company places great importance on its community outreach efforts and actively supports initiatives that promote education, environmental sustainability, and social welfare.

University Students Inspired by ARC’s Journey

Chairman, Norman Horne, recently made a presentation to students from the University of Technology about the power of passion in entrepreneurship to solidify its commitment to youth development and education, during the company’s participation at Expo Jamaica. 

School of Business Administration Lecturer Anthony Townsend (l) and Joint Colleges of Medicine Oral Health, and Veterinary Services fourth year student, Georgina Hayles (c) listens attentively as Executive Chairman, Norman Horne (r) shared valuable insight into his journey as an entrepreneur.

Horne’s presentation focused on the role of passion in driving success, and he shared his personal experiences in turning his passion for building materials into a thriving business. He encouraged the students to “follow your passions and persevere through the challenges of entrepreneurship. When you are passionate about something, it drives you to pursue it with a level of dedication that propels you to success. You have to be willing to invest your time and resources, work hard, and never give up until you achieve your goals.”

“As business leaders, we have a responsibility to invest in the education and development of our youth. By doing so, we are not only building the future of Jamaica, but we are also ensuring that our businesses have a strong foundation of skilled and talented individuals who will drive growth and innovation in the years to come,” he continued. 

ARC’s presentation came as part of a series of talks hosted by the manufacturing giant, aimed at inspiring and motivating young people to pursue entrepreneurship as a career. It previously hosted 15 girls at the Montego Bay Home for Girls during a Lunch & Learn session and is expected to continue this trend by improving the quality of education afforded to students across Jamaica. 

With locations in Kingston and Montego Bay, the ISO-certified company manufacturers zinc, roofing tiles and accessories, chainlink fencing, barbed wire, nails, purlin, quarter wire, fabric mesh, binding wire and operates the only Lumber treatment facility in the English-speaking Caribbean. It also boasts a wide distribution of building materials such as h-beams, rebars, cement, concrete blocks, paints, and a myriad of retail items – ideal for your residential, commercially and industrial construction projects.

Published by OUR Today.  

Girls Home Benefit from ARC’s Lunch & Learn Initiative

To commemorate International Women’s Day, ARC Manufacturing Limited catered to ten (10) young ladies during its Lunch & Learn session at the Montego Bay Community Home for Girls in Irwin, St. James recently. The interactive session successfully boosted self-confidence, introduced self-care practices, and provided solutions to assist girls with achieving their goals. 

L-R: Yvette Mahoney, Operations Manager at the facility is all smiles as she received a donation of food and personal care supplies from Sophia Harris, Branch Manager – Montego Bay, following her presentation. ARC’s primary location is 14 Bell Road, Kingston 11; however, the manufacturing giant also operates a sales office, retail store, and distribution hub in Ironshore, Montego Bay. 

Delivering Christmas Joy to Students at Dupont Primary School

ARC Manufacturing Limited brought cheer to over 70 students at the Dupont Primary & Infant School during its Christmas treat at the Olympic Way institution recently. The initiative showered students with toys, food, goodie bags, and other titbits, but it was their meet-and-greet with Santa Clause that stole the show.

K2-2 student Shiloh Britton beamed with joy as he excitedly accepted his gift from Chairman Norman Horne during the day’s activities.

Published by The Jamaica Gleaner.

ARC partners with Rotary Club of St Andrew North to improve school facilities after fire

Following a devastating fire at the St Elizabeth Basic School in Kingston, ARC Manufacturing Limited has joined forces with the Rotary Club of St Andrew North to provide a new roof and other infrastructural changes for over 80 students at the institution. ARC’s Nicola Livermore (second left), team leader – roofing, and Charlotte Hayles (right), director, show off the company’s circular profile zinc during its presentation to Father Richard Award, priest at the St Elizabeth Catholic Church, and Rotary Club of St Andrew North members Carlton

Published in the Jamaica Gleaner.