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Championing a Greener Future

By fostering the growth of these trees, the building-materials company aims to promote climate change mitigation, ensure food security, and create good stewards of the environment. Dwayne Elliott, security supervisor, was captured planting a June plum tree at the Olympic Way-based institution as part of National Labour Day activities.

Published by the Jamaica Gleaner. 

ARC Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of building materials in Jamaica has once again showcased its dedication to environmental sustainability, during its annual Labour Day activities at the Dupont Primary & Infant School. Under the theme “Plant a Tree for Life – Promoting Climate Change Mitigation, Food Security and Road Safety,” ARC’s employees planted a number of fruit and flowering trees to foster a greener future for the community.

This initiative aligns with the company’s commitment to environmental causes and its ongoing efforts to combat climate change. By fostering the growth of these trees, the manufacturing giant aims to promote climate change mitigation, ensure food security, and create good stewards of the environment. 

Additionally, the team undertook a much-needed renovation project by repainting the auditorium, providing the students at Dupont Primary & Infant School with a revitalized space for learning and creativity. Recognizing the importance of a conducive learning environment, the Bell Road residents took this opportunity to invest in the school’s infrastructure and support the holistic development of its students.

Novlet Green, General Manager of Corporate Affairs & Governance, expressed her pride in the company’s participation in this significant community-driven initiative, saying, “We firmly believe in nation-building through active community engagement. Our commitment to environmental causes is deeply rooted in our core values, and we are delighted to contribute to the greening of our community through the Labour Day activities at Dupont Primary & Infant School. We are dedicated to being good stewards of the environment and fostering sustainable practices for the betterment of future generations.”

Principal Andrew Rowe of Dupont Primary & Infant School commended the company’s invaluable support and stated, “We are extremely grateful to ARC for their unwavering commitment to our school and community. The tree-planting project and the auditorium renovation will have a profound impact on our students’ learning experience.” 

“ARC’s efforts reflect their genuine concern for the environment and their dedication to investing in education. We look forward to nurturing the planted trees and utilizing the refreshed auditorium to provide our students with an enhanced educational environment,” he continued. 

Through these initiatives, the ISO-certified company continues to be a beacon of corporate responsibility and a driving force in fostering positive change within its local communities.

ARC is a premier manufacturer of building materials known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With a diverse range of products and a focus on customer satisfaction, ARC continues to be a leader in its industry. The company places great importance on its community outreach efforts and actively supports initiatives that promote education, environmental sustainability, and social welfare.

University Students Inspired by ARC’s Journey

Chairman, Norman Horne, recently made a presentation to students from the University of Technology about the power of passion in entrepreneurship to solidify its commitment to youth development and education, during the company’s participation at Expo Jamaica. 

School of Business Administration Lecturer Anthony Townsend (l) and Joint Colleges of Medicine Oral Health, and Veterinary Services fourth year student, Georgina Hayles (c) listens attentively as Executive Chairman, Norman Horne (r) shared valuable insight into his journey as an entrepreneur.

Horne’s presentation focused on the role of passion in driving success, and he shared his personal experiences in turning his passion for building materials into a thriving business. He encouraged the students to “follow your passions and persevere through the challenges of entrepreneurship. When you are passionate about something, it drives you to pursue it with a level of dedication that propels you to success. You have to be willing to invest your time and resources, work hard, and never give up until you achieve your goals.”

“As business leaders, we have a responsibility to invest in the education and development of our youth. By doing so, we are not only building the future of Jamaica, but we are also ensuring that our businesses have a strong foundation of skilled and talented individuals who will drive growth and innovation in the years to come,” he continued. 

ARC’s presentation came as part of a series of talks hosted by the manufacturing giant, aimed at inspiring and motivating young people to pursue entrepreneurship as a career. It previously hosted 15 girls at the Montego Bay Home for Girls during a Lunch & Learn session and is expected to continue this trend by improving the quality of education afforded to students across Jamaica. 

With locations in Kingston and Montego Bay, the ISO-certified company manufacturers zinc, roofing tiles and accessories, chainlink fencing, barbed wire, nails, purlin, quarter wire, fabric mesh, binding wire and operates the only Lumber treatment facility in the English-speaking Caribbean. It also boasts a wide distribution of building materials such as h-beams, rebars, cement, concrete blocks, paints, and a myriad of retail items – ideal for your residential, commercially and industrial construction projects.

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Girls Home Benefit from ARC’s Lunch & Learn Initiative

To commemorate International Women’s Day, ARC Manufacturing Limited catered to ten (10) young ladies during its Lunch & Learn session at the Montego Bay Community Home for Girls in Irwin, St. James recently. The interactive session successfully boosted self-confidence, introduced self-care practices, and provided solutions to assist girls with achieving their goals. 

L-R: Yvette Mahoney, Operations Manager at the facility is all smiles as she received a donation of food and personal care supplies from Sophia Harris, Branch Manager – Montego Bay, following her presentation. ARC’s primary location is 14 Bell Road, Kingston 11; however, the manufacturing giant also operates a sales office, retail store, and distribution hub in Ironshore, Montego Bay. 

Delivering Christmas Joy to Students at Dupont Primary School

ARC Manufacturing Limited brought cheer to over 70 students at the Dupont Primary & Infant School during its Christmas treat at the Olympic Way institution recently. The initiative showered students with toys, food, goodie bags, and other titbits, but it was their meet-and-greet with Santa Clause that stole the show.

K2-2 student Shiloh Britton beamed with joy as he excitedly accepted his gift from Chairman Norman Horne during the day’s activities.

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ARC partners with Rotary Club of St Andrew North to improve school facilities after fire

Following a devastating fire at the St Elizabeth Basic School in Kingston, ARC Manufacturing Limited has joined forces with the Rotary Club of St Andrew North to provide a new roof and other infrastructural changes for over 80 students at the institution. ARC’s Nicola Livermore (second left), team leader – roofing, and Charlotte Hayles (right), director, show off the company’s circular profile zinc during its presentation to Father Richard Award, priest at the St Elizabeth Catholic Church, and Rotary Club of St Andrew North members Carlton

Published in the Jamaica Gleaner.

ARC Bemoans Construction Imports

ARC Manufacturing is lobbying the Government to curb the influx of construction items being imported.

Speaking recently during Jamaica Observer’s Design Week, senior managers at the company lamented that the local market is saturated with cheap imports taking away a huge share of the business.

General manager for sales and marketing Devon Brooks told the Jamaica Observer that the situation has progressively worsened and poses serious threats to construction workers in the island.

“We’re apart of Caricom and as a member state there are certain benefits that should obtain being in a single market. We realise that there’s dumping of certain items in our industry and market, nails are one of them. We have importation of Chinese and Dominican Republic nails on the market and the truth is when you look at quality of the product, it’s night and day,” Brooks argued.

He said “nails are very light items but you can feel the difference when you lift them up. When you hit one of our nails the likelihood of it bending is near impossible, when you use one of the imported nails— and workmen are using it — the nails are flying all over the place. We’ve seen reports of persons being injured because we have those inferior products coming on the market and it’s selling because of the price points.”

He explained that in most cases the importers are able to sell at a third of the price which makes it hard for his company to compete, although he maintains that ARC sells high quality products at affordable prices.

In fact, investigations conducted by the Business Observer revealed that some imported construction items are more expensive compared with ARC prices.

For example, a pound of 4-inch galvanised nail on the market is going for $359, the same item at ARC Manufacturing costs $290 per pound.

With this in mind, Brooks said the company is simply asking for some order in the market. He said right now it appears to be a free for all.

“The Government needs to have more bilateral agreements with the partnering countries. When you look at other countries they have their individual bilateral agreements with different states outside of the Caricom arrangement, we need to have our own agreements,” he stated.

He emphasised that ARC is creating jobs for Jamaicans and that should be factored into the decisions which are made in the industry.

Devon Brooks – General Manager of Sales at ARC Manufacturing Limited.

“As manufacturers we contribute to the employment of Jamaicans and we believe that the Jamaican Government should try its very best. We have to do far more protecting manufacturers in Jamaica,” Brooks argued.

Nevertheless, the company is pressing ahead with plans to expand its retail space on Bell Road in St Andrew. Brooks is hopeful the new space will allow ARC to scrape back some of the market share it’s lost to imports.

“Initially we occupied a very small space 5,000 sq ft, we are planning on expanding and modernise the entire area so that our customer base can grow,” he said.

“We’re doing it to ensure that we support all our customer base, our contractors and developers. That store will facilitate their kind of business where we have our sales reps going to the various trade shows, bringing the latest in technology and the latest in creative ideas,” he continued.

He told the Business Observer that the expanded retail space should be completed within a year.

“We’re kinda keeping it very close to our heart because we want to plan a nice grand opening but we are in execution mode and whatever we execute is within a twelve month period. We’re not about this lengthy delay and planning. We plan quickly, accurately, we bring all the stakeholders to the table to ensure that we have flawless and quick execution. So in no time you’ll be able to come and walk the floors of the store,” Brooks stated.

Published by the Jamaica Observer.