ARC Manufacturing Limited (hereinafter referred to as “ARC”) manufactures and distributes building construction materials to the domestic and export markets. ARC’s strategy is to provide customers with goods and services of high quality that are embedded in the agreed specifications and terms of the commercial transactions.  ARC has developed its capabilities to achieve and maintain high standards of product and service delivery to its customers.

ARC’s Quality Policy builds on its corporate objectives and values and is integrated with its corporate principles. The Company is committed to achieving customer satisfaction while adhering to regulatory requirements and quality procedures, which meet or exceed the ISO 9001 requirements.  ARC’s performance is monitored and assessed regularly to ensure that its goods and services are maintained at the high quality standards expected by our stakeholders and customers.


The Management of ARC is committed to maintaining a quality-driven culture, with the appropriate systems and processes in place to monitor and implement actions, based on decisions regarding the best quality to deliver to the marketplace. This involves considerations related to product quality, consumer safety, and the protection of ARC’s reputation and business.  The management ensures that the highest priority is placed on the safety, value and integrity of the company’s products; the safety of its consumers and employees; and that ARC is compliant with applicable regulations.


  1. To conduct its business in a manner that complies with applicable quality regulations, codes and standards;
  2. To build a positive and long term business relationship with its customers and to have a better understanding of their needs and expectations;
  3. To implement practices which require the Head of each Division to be accountable and to ensure that procedures are adequately defined, to clearly outline expectations for the performance of work, which directly affects product quality, standards adherence, and to meet the expectations of customers;
  4. To develop staff competencies and to ensure that all team members are appropriately qualified, through formal education, training and development programmes and have acquired the necessary skills and experience to effectively execute their duties, in compliance with existing policies and procedures;
  5. To foster an innovative culture and continuous improvements based on proven business processes, effective measurements and data driven analysis;
  6. To inculcate and utilize a systematic approach to conducting research and using best practices, while implementing safeguards and preemptive measures at all levels.
  7. All employees of ARC are responsible for the quality of their work. They understand their roles and align their behavior and attitude to reflect accountability for product quality and to meet the expectations of the customers, so that the goals and objectives of ARC are achieved.
  8. ARC is committed to consistently provide staff with the necessary training and to implement systems, to ensure that the required standards are achieved.