Executive chairman of ARC Manufacturing Norman Horne is calling for the Government of Jamaica to legislate the creation of “design districts” in Jamaica.

“Our zoning laws should be amended to create an environment in Jamaica, albeit a street, a couple of streets or an area that is called the design district. But only people who are participating in the creative industries should be allowed to rent, lease or buy spaces to distribute, market and sell their products and services in that specific area,” Horne stated in his address, during ARC Manufacturing’s Build on Quality Showcase, held at its Bell Road headquarters in Kingston

He added that the design district would also be a space where entertainers and culinary artists can ply their trade.

ARC Manufacturing’s Build on Quality Showcase, which included a tour of the company’s manufacturing plant, forms part of Jamaica Observer’s Design Week.

Horne, a former senator, noted that he is willing to invest his influence to agitate the Government for the formation of a design district to house the “creativity and knowledge” of Jamaicans who are so inclined. He also invited guests at the showcase to do likewise, including Member of Parliament for St Andrew South Western Angela Brown Burke — and a former mayor of Kingston & St Andrew — in whose constituency ARC Manufacturing is based.

The executive chairman remarked that the concept of Design Week will be one he will “try to entrench” in the company’s culture for years to come.

Also speaking at the showcase, Jamaica Observer Senior Associate Editor – Lifestyle and Social Content Novia McDonald-Whyte said Design Week was conceptualized to provide people and companies in the construction and interior design space with exposure to the wider Jamaica. This, she said, was the missing link in the newspaper’s lifestyle brand.

Published by The Jamaica Observer.