It was a day of fun, fellowship and hard work as members of ARC Manufacturing Ltd joined forces with representatives from the Hunt’s Bay Police Station and the Police Youth Club to renovate and repair much-needed areas of the Haile Selassie High School.

The move which came amidst prolonged turmoil and violence in the community saw the Spanish Town Road citizens and school body giving their support to paint and repair the male and female bathrooms, do a complete overhaul of the Home Economics classroom and bathroom, as well as the Cosmetology department. The school is set to undergo further renovations, as it provides a haven for students from surrounding communities.

ARC Manufacturing Ltd strives to be a pillar of support for the community by taking on projects aimed at improving the lives of citizens in the area, especially children. The manufacturing giant hopes to continue this and future work that is aimed at fostering healthy relationships throughout the communities.

“We don’t want to just exist in our community, we want to be felt. ARC is known as the building materials specialist but we want to also be known to build relationships in communities across Jamaica”, states Executive Chairman, Norman Horne.

It is with this commitment to their community that ARC remains the employer of choice for more than 350 workers, with over half of its workforce originating from the surrounding area. ARC Manufacturing is Jamaica’s leading manufacturer of premium-quality building materials for over 22 years and serves both domestic and international markets.