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ARC is one of Jamaica’s Leading Manufacturers and Distributors


ARC Manufacturing has proven that manufacturing still plays a significant role in advancing the Jamaican economy. We commit to delivering superior quality products to our customers “just in time, all the time.”  ARC is an established manufacturer of building materials. It has one of Jamaica’s most skilled labor force, in the field of manufacturing and fabrication.

ARC manufactures a wide array of high quality products. We supply the local market and export to Latin America and the Caribbean.  The range of building materials manufactured includes wire nails, Alu-zinc sheets, metal roofing tiles, fabric mesh, quarter wire, binding wire, welding wire, chain link fencing and treated lumber.

ARC currently operates five manufacturing plants for:

Roofing Plant

Since our inception in 1996, our roofing solutions focused on providing attractive, restorative and energy conservative options for our customers, in the form of circular and industrial profile metal sheeting. Our products moved from simple zinc coated steel, to the new global standard of aluminium-zinc coated steel sheeting Galvalume.

Painted Decorative Roofing Tiles

Years of research and expertise have contributed to the availability of our new suite of ARC Roofing solutions, Painted Metal Roofing Tiles. This is available to our local market in Jamaica, and our international markets in the Caribbean, and the Americas.

In collaboration with an international market leader in steel products, we produce our roofing tiles locally . They are also forged from high quality steel and coated in rust resistant aluminium – zinc at levels that meet globally recognized standards.

We offer tiles in three profiles: the ARC Classic, the ARC Spanish, and the ARC Shake. These are available in a wide variety of color profiles and two distinct finishes.

With expert installation our roofing panels will not only repel the heat associated with concrete roofs but also withstand the force of hurricane winds and rain. They are fire resistant and have a thirty year performance guarantee.

Our expert production team and first world facilities enable us to produce at capacities that meets the needs of varying clientele. These include small, medium, and large scale developments as well as wholesalers, and distributors. We guarantee to meet your construction or retail needs.

ARC Manufacturing Roofing Plant

ARC Manufacturing Roofing Plant


Lumber Treatment Plant

We have been supplying the market with our treated lumber for almost two (2) years.  At ARC Manufacturing, we treat Boards (Clinker, Tongue & Groove, Shot Edge), Rough Lumber, Dimensional (2 Inch & 4 Inch), Plywood and Cedar Shingles.

ARC launched its $400 million state of art Lumber Treatment Plant, in 2013. “We have had advanced discussions with suppliers in South America to basically buy the raw plywood there and ship here, to Jamaica. We use both for our own consumption and we export within Caricom (and the Dominican Republic).” Deanall Barnes, ARC vice-president of marketing and international sales, told Caribbean Business Report in May 2013.

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ARC’s Lumber Treatment Plant is the first of its kind in Jamaica.  This fully automated plant has a 500,000 board feet of lumber/40-hour week capacity. It is equipped with a pressurized cylinder, four holding tanks and a control room.  During the treatment process, the lumber or wood is placed into the pressurized cylinder, and infused with chemical preservatives. The chemical preservatives help protect the lumber from termites and fungal decay as well as extend their longevity.

ARC Manufacturing Lumber Treatment Plant


Wire & Mesh

Our vibrant and viable wire manufacturing plant has withstood the competition. Currently ARC Manufacturing imports bare coil wires and wire rods, which are manipulated to produce the desired diameter and form for the production of other wire based products below:

ARC Manufacturing Wire spool wire-mesh



ARC Manufacturing is the sole manufacturer of common wire nails in Jamaica. We manufacture and distribute head and finishing nails. Our nail plant is equipped with thirty-two (32) nail machines and produces approximately 200,000 lbs. of wire nails per month.

ARC Manufacturing Nails in a boxARC Manufacturing nail-box-open


Chain Link Fencing

Our recently commissioned chain-link fencing machine can produce standard widths of four, five, and six feet. It can also produce special order or custom widths ranging from three to ten feet. Each produced roll is at a maximum length of fifty feet, and the fencing material is available in two formats, galvanized and PVC.

ARC Manufacturing Fencing Plant

ARC Manufacturing Chain Link Fencing 2

ARC Manufacturing Chain Link Fencing


Purlin, Tracks & Studs Plant

In January 2017, ARC commissioned a modern plant to manufacture structural Purlin, Track and Studs to a variety of specifications, consistent with customer project needs. The plant utilizes the most efficient and innovative methods of production, including alternative sources of energy.

ARC Manufacturing Tracks & Studs 3

ARC Manufacturing Tracks & Studs 1


Expansion Programme

In keeping with its long-term goal of becoming the leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials in Jamaica, ARC Manufacturing consistently reviews and restructures its operations to stay abreast of the construction and hardware requirements of our local and international customers.

Our lumber products and wood product lines now includes popular woods used by furniture manufacturers such as poplar, cedar and mahogany. The steel product line also includes flats, hollow sections, angles and squares. This diversification aims to not only maintaining but also expanding the company’s market share in these market segments.

Our expansion programs focuses on local manufacturing and we made investments in equipment and expertise on a phased basis to achieve our goals.


2007 – A new state of the art nail plant was commissioned into operation furnished with a total of 32 nail machines with a production capacity of 600 tons of nails per month.

Zinc manufacturing plant was expanded with the addition of form rolling machines for the production of industrial profiles.

Mechanization of our loading processes, by investing in a remote control crane system, which operates 2 ten ton cranes.

2010 – Commissioned into operation an Annealing Plant. The approximately 2000 square foot facility includes a furnace, warehousing and production space with a capacity to produce approximately 6 Metric Tons of binding wire per day.

2011 – Commissioned into operations a Fencing Plant, with the production of barbed wire fencing and chain link fencing.

2013 – Commissioned our Lumber Treatment Plant, the first for the company and Jamaica. This venture has created jobs. It also increased the company’s competitive advantage in the lumber market.

2015 – Commissioned our Painted Metal Roofing Tile equipment to provide a wider variety to our roofing solutions. There are three iconic profiles, produced with a variety of colors in two distinct paint application finishes.

2017 – Commissioned into operation a Purlin, Tracks & Studs plant. The equipment is powered by our newly installed, 110w solar panels.

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