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National Sales

Marketing & Sales Division


The ARC Manufacturing Marketing & Sales division consist of five departments. Those departments are further broken down into smaller units, namely Operations & Logistics, Procurement, National Sales for Kingston and Montego Bay as well as International Sales.

Retail Sales

The Retail Sales department at ARC Manufacturing sells products directly to consumers. This includes smaller traded items such as bi-fold doors, metal doors, ply doors, silicone, white glue, sandpaper, machete, water boots, tapes, helmets, vests, wood stain, thinner, paints, paint brushes, locks, bolts, wrench, garden scissor, gardening supplies, PVC pipes, plumbing and electrical supplies, bath tubs, kitchen facets, kitchen sinks, construction buckets etc. We offer over 3000 items through our retail store. Our customer service reps Venessa Watson and Camille Bennett are always on hand to serve you.



At the Montego Bay location, the Retail Sales team comprises of Oshin Powell and Chavannah Fray.



Contractor Sales

The Contractor Sales team is managed by Mr. Oneil Kirlew, General Manager.

ARC Manufacturing - General Manager Oneil Kirlew

ARC also has sales reps who handle direct sales with contractors. This Customer Service team includes Tashana Hastings, Anthony Lyew and Carlisle Rose.

arc-manufacturing-contractor-sales-team 2

At the Montego Bay location, the Contractor Sales team comprise of Shantol Crooks and Nicoyian Edwards.

ARC Manufacturing Contractor Sales team

Hardware Sales – Kingston

The Hardware Sales team in Kingston is managed by Ms. Dahlia Cole, General Manager.

ARC Manufacturing - General Manager Dahlia Cole

Our hardware sales team is in charge of effecting sales within Jamaica. They are concerned with the transfer of merchandise and ensuring satisfactory terms between ARC Manufacturing and our local buyers. This hardworking team consists of persons working together with a view to market the products manufactured by the organization itself or the products purchased for resale. The team members include Keisha Mitchell, Renee Rankine, Nicole Williams, Tamarah Harrison Lowe, Patecher Hinds and Annieka Spencer.

ARC Manufacturing National Sales Team

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