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ARC is one of Jamaica’s Leading Manufacturers and Distributors


Finance, Administration & Manufacturing Division


The Finance, Administration and Manufacturing division comprise of three departments. Those departments are further broken down into several units. Finance has both the Credit Team and the Accounts Team. Administration is further broken down into the Human Resource, Inventory, IT and Administration departments. Manufacturing is the largest of all these. They include all employees who work in the nail, wire, fence, roofing and treatment plants.

Manufacturing Department

ARC manufactures a wide array of high quality products. We supply the local market and export to Latin America and the Caribbean.  The range of building materials manufactured includes wire nails, Alu-zinc sheets, metal roofing tiles, fabric mesh, quarter wire, binding wire, welding wire, chain link fencing and treated lumber.

ARC currently operates six manufacturing plants for:

This department is headed by Mr. Trevor McKenzie, who is the Vice President of Manufacturing. Levar Beezer is the Manager who oversees all the employees and their work in the various plants. Another invaluable member of this team is Ms. Serena Thompson, who provides administrative support.





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