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International Sales

Marketing & Sales Division


The Marketing & Sales division consist of five departments. Those departments are further broken down into smaller units, namely Operations & Logistics, Procurement, National Sales for Kingston and Montego Bay as well as International Sales.

International Sales

The International Sales department at ARC Manufacturing handles all tasks related to international sales that enables the organisation to have continued presence in international markets. The export department is a vital part of the company that carries out all the tasks generated by international marketing policies of the company. International Sales is headed by Ms. Naedria Dyer, Assistant Vice President of International Sales.

ARC Manufacturing International Sales Team

Team Haiti

The Haiti International Sales Department’s includes Leighton Williams and Doris Dossous. They work together, covering the Haitian market.  Leighton was previously  a Production Supervisor with ARC Manufacturing in Jamaica.  He migrated and is now living in Haiti. Leighton and Doris are doing an excellent job covering that market. Ms. Dossous speaks four languages. This includes English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and her native language French.  She was very instrumental in the new design of the tri-lingual boxes.

ARC Manufacturing - Haiti Reps


Team Antigua and Barbuda

Patrice Henry-Jacobs too is a past employee of  ARC .  Mrs Henry- Jacobs was a member of the Procurement team. She migrated to Antigua and Barbuda and is representing us in that region.  Mrs. Henry-Jacobs’ has drive and determination and aims to make a positive impact in that market.


Team Trinidad & Tobago

Mr Previn Reid was employed to Arc Manufacturing as a Sales Representative in the Contractor Division. He migrated to Trinidad & Tobago. With his years of experience, track record, dedication and determination we are confident that he will be successful in this new appointment.

ARC Manufacturing - Trinidad Sales Rep Previn Reid

Team Florida

ARC’s Florida Representative is Colin Ilgner.

ARC Manufacturing - Sales Rep Colin Ilgner 2

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