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Finance, Administration & Manufacturing Division


The Finance, Administration and Manufacturing division comprise of three departments. Those departments are further broken down into several units. Finance has both the Credit Team and the Accounts Team. Administration consists of the Human Resource, Inventory, IT and Administration departments. Manufacturing is the largest of all these. They include all employees who work in the nail, wire, fence, roofing and treatment plants.

Credit & Collections Team

The credit department handles issues concerning credit limits, acceptable levels of risk and terms of payment of our customers. The credit function is an important component of any company’s business operations. Using creative methods when necessary to structure transactions so that sales can be approved, the credit department can make a significant contribution to sales and profit maximization. The key is knowing when and how to accomplish the sale safely. It’s important to find the best way to minimize the risk of late payment or non-payment by customers. The ARC Manufacturing credit team comprises of a Credit Manager and two Credit Officers.

ARC Manufacturing Credit & Collections Team


Accounts Team

The Accounts department is responsible for recording and reporting the cash flows, both in and out, of the company. There are five basic roles or functions within the department:

– Accounts receivable

– Accounts payable

– Payroll

– Financial controls

– Financial reporting

The accounts team comprises of eight individuals. They include senior and junior accountants, accounting clerks and officer, a senior admin assistant and the Assistant Vice President of Finance, with responsibility for both the Accounts and Credit department, Ms. Claudette Galloway. This ARC Manufacturing team is truly dedicated and work consistently to ensure that the company’s fiscal viability and responsibilities are always in good standing.




Customs Team

ARC Manufacturing actively imports and exports products, it is a vital part of our operations. Our experienced Customs team is one that works hard to ensure that ARC Manufacturing products are processed without delays at the various ports in Jamaica. This team includes Custom Clerks, Mr. Wayne Raymond and Delroy Mohammid.




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