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Norman W. Horne, CD, JP

Norman W. Horne, CD, JP is the founder and Executive Chairman of ARC Manufacturing Limited. After observing the vast number of rusting zinc roofs across Jamaica in the mid-1990’s, Horne saw the opportunity to use technology to convert the local zinc market from galvanized zinc sheets to aluminium zinc sheets, which are rust-resistant. This led to the birth of ARC Manufacturing Ltd in 1996.

With over three decades of experience in International Business, Finance, Accounts and Administration, Horne has utilized a blend of international best practices and Jamaican know-how to effectively create a distinctive corporate culture at ARC Manufacturing Limited.

Horne holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from Colombia University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounts from Staten Island College. Additionally, he is a former Government Senator, who has served on several corporate Boards including JAMPRO; the National Housing Trust; and the Jamaica Manufacturers Association.