Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda, has welcomed ARC Manufacturing Limited’s investment in a new $200-million state-of-the-art fabric mesh machine, which has been installed at the entity’s Bell Road complex in Kingston.

The facility, which was commissioned into service on Tuesday (November 21), produces fabric mesh sheets and rolls that are used as reinforcement materials in construction.

It will enable the company, which is one of Jamaica’s well-established manufacturers and distributors of building materials, to better serve its clients locally as well as in the United States.

Mr. Samuda, who briefly toured ARC’s complex on Tuesday (November 21), said he was impressed with the operations, which reflected innovation and the use of technology.

ARC Commissions $200 Million Fabric Mesh Machine“In manufacturing, unless you innovate, you are not going to achieve the levels of profit that really should attend your business. Additionally, the application of appropriate technology (and) the use of new techniques in the development of the products that we market (are steps) in the right direction,” he contended.

Mr. Samuda assured the management and staff of ARC that “you have my 100 per cent support for the efforts that you have been making”.

ARC’s Managing Director, Norman Horne, who conducted the tour, said the new plant is capable of producing five times the combined quantity of fabric mesh material manufactured by the two existing machines being utilized.

He said this will enable ARC to increase its shipment of materials for clients in the United States from two to 10.

Additionally, he said the facility is projected to cut energy cost by six per cent, and provide employment for eight additional persons.

“I believe that the benefits of this development to Jamaica are numerous, as the local stock of high-quality material (will be) increased, while simultaneously (boosting) export revenue and the prestige of brand Jamaica,” Mr. Horne added.

Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) President, Diane Edwards, said the facility represents a “huge step” by ARC to boost its operations.

“This $200-million investment demonstrates clearly that manufacturing in Jamaica is viable and competitive, and that we can successfully export quality building products to the region,” she said.

The JAMPRO President said the incorporation of technology in the production line was also welcome, pointing out that “this is really taking Jamaica into the 21st century”.

She added that ARC is “leading the way in manufacturing in Jamaica with a commitment to excellence”.

For his part, Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association President, Metry Seaga, said ARC’s “impressive” investment underscores the importance of the manufacturing sector in creating developmental opportunities, providing employment, contributing to the overall growth agenda “and taking quality Jamaican-made products to the world”.

“What this shows is that opportunities are available and are being pursued by those who are willing to make sacrifices to adjust to the changing market dynamics and embrace innovation. This is the only way we can propel our country into becoming a place where we can truly live, work, raise families and build enterprises,” he added.

Published by the Jamaica Information Service.